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Cody Chat is the best all-around chat software package we've come across that is available to the public. It is very cheap considering how well made the software is and is only held back by its PHP backend.

About Cody Chat

Cody Chat has a great design, is mobile friendly and is coded in PHP. The chat comes with a well-written FAQ that explains all the features and options you’ll come across. Brand images and emojis can easily be changed and or added for a custom look and feel. You can purchase Cody Chat at the Boom Coding Store.

Cody Chat offers a growing number of Add-ons such as Super Bot, Quiz Bot and a Giphy Extension which really adds a lot of fun and personality to the chat. Because the software is written in PHP anyone with a moderate knowledge of the language can modify the chat to their liking. However, the administrative and core functions remain encrypted.

Cody Chat is the best all-around chat software package we’ve come across that is available to the public. It is very cheap considering how well made the software is and is only held back by its PHP backend which prevents it from being better able to support heavy usage and some specific features such as having more than 1 private message conversation at the same time.

Cody Chat Features


Each license for Cody chat allow you to install chat at (one) domain and have (one) active chat with the license. Each license come with 1 month technical support.


VIP addons are addons using Paypal that allow you to accept payment from your members that wish to have VIP rank on your chat. Using PayPal REST API the VIP addons is a secure and fast way to increase your chat incomes.


Superbot is a little addons that will allow you teach him some phrase that he will answer to the user when a user type his name followed by a question that you have teach to him. Superbot work in main chat and private chat.


Allow your users to search for animated gifs directly from the chat using the giphy search engine. Members will be able to search gif or stickers and post them directly to the chat with a simple click. Giphy is one of the most used image addons from our collection.


Allow your members to search and post youtube videos directly from the chat using our youtube search engine add-ons. Youtube addons require creating an API key in order to work but bring some interesting features to your members.


Commandos are one of our most powerful addons that allow you to create unlimited text commands for your chat. Commandos can accept some HTML tag and is very useful if you are looking for a tool to send the predefined answer to your members.


With pasteit addons, it cannot be easier to share images on chat. Allow your member to use the paste function from their device to directly post images stored in their clipboard. pasteit work in main chat or private chat.


Add this little quiz game to your chat to give some fun to your members. Quizbot can do both question quiz or scramble game. Quizbot comes with few quizzes in English and French and allow you to easily create your own quiz files.


User search addons add a nice search feature to your chat and allow your members to look up for other members in many ways. Allowing up to 15 different ways of searching users User search addons also allow a search by name.


Contact us is a little addon that will add a way for your members to contact you directly to your email in the left panel of your chat. With only providing your email Contact us is really easy to set up and will rely on your system email setting to run.


adnoyer is powerful bot addons that allow you to send a random message at given intervals to all rooms based on a room algorithm that prevents any flood from the bot in the room that is not busy or empty.


Tired of VPN or proxy users in your chat then vpblock is the addons you need to add to your chat. Using as an external IP verification source vpblock can get rid of most of your VPN and proxy users, of course, nothing is perfect but vpblock will do the job for most of your problems.

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